The Imaging Collection is a set of components for image processing and analysis that operate on the Biovia Foundation and its graphical authoring application Pipeline Pilot. The collection is an ever growing set of tools that range from image readers, image manipulators, arithmetic operations and filtering to state of the art image descriptors and machine learning methods. The imaging collection also includes image specific viewing and reporting tools that together with other reporting tools available in Pipeline Pilot enable rapid creation of complex interactive reports.

In addition to the tools provided in the Imaging Collection, it is easy to take advantage of data access, analysis, machine learning and reporting capabilities of other Pipeline Pilot collections to create, test and share services for scientific data analysis and reporting that include image data. The algorithms (services) created in Pipeline Pilot can be executed on the Accelrys Enterprise Platform through a variety of interfaces such as Accelrys Web Port, Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook, third-party applications such as Microsoft SharePoint or custom applications.

Image Informatics created the Imaging Collection, which is sold by Biovia. The Imaging Collection is being used by over eighty companies all over the world including many of the largest names in pharmaceutical, biotech and materials industries as well as many academic and government institutions.

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The Imaging Collection easily integrates image data with numerical, chemical, graphical and textual data in a unified computing framework.

The only imaging tool box built on an end-to-end, scientifically aware platform for all your enterprise image analysis, integration, reporting, collaboration and data management needs.

With the Imaging Collection, a range of configurable components can be used to create custom image informatics workflows for numerous applications.

Machine learning facilitates the creation of predictive models for the analysis and detection of anything. Here is a rapidly developed, user friendly, interactive application incorporating Biovia Foundations’s work request, imaging, statistics and modeling and plate data analytics capabilities provides dynamic reporting for state-of-the-art predictive analysis.